A Prayer

Silence fails me,
Man now boy in the
Past, strength at last,
Poverty stores up in
Bins of adjustment,
My life around poor,
Make me more aware,
Your voice is all I need
To hear, I was born in
Hesitation, cut from the
Cords of selfishness,
In between fear and dreams
Was the unseen forces that
Shaped my realities, all are
Principalities, and all are
Swarming around me,
Give me the canopy,
Give me the panoply,
Armor for the battle,
I am a warrior,
Righteousness fills
Me and lives inside
Of me—call me God,
Call this phone, for I am
Alone without you—
I paced those hallways,
Dead and dry and up in
The sky—were you in the
Dark things, were you in the
Darkness that seemed to
Claim me—were you there
To tame me in the wildness
I live in, in the wilderness
I wander in—create wonder
O, God of big and great—
Put it out on a plate—
All that will satisfy—
Do it now—in the darker
Parts of me—shine the
Light—little sister, innocence,
She is spoken for—let that
Not remain the same—let
Us proclaim and claim a
Generation for purity!

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