Broken Memories

Replace these tragedies
With redeemed remedies,
Your mercies are new
And I live in the night,
O, endless nights, for
I fade away into morning
Away, where you find me,
Where mercy stays with me,
Cursed it seems are dad’s
Sins, his pain within, his curtains
Again that blocked the light from
Coming in—each night was a fight
And keys were thrown from end
Of the unknown towards the hard
Places, locked up men stay,
Adam Trask will you live again?
In the beaches of the beached man
In you? Will we beat again? O, how
If it was just predestination man
Would change his situation—if it
Be a choice, then let us choose
Rightly—manhood, fatherhood,
Children to come—a generation
Of turning to turn in again
And beat with love—help us
Get there!

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