City I Live In

Nostalgia finds me,
In this city of lights
And brights and fist
Fights—desert I was
Born in, Scotsdale sun
Scorching fun, tossed in
The waves of the common,
To and fro in the throes of
Change, make me grow,
Make me know, make me
Not grow old without knowing
Love, love that changes, love
That rearranges—city takes
Me now, cities that don’t sleep,
City of celebrity, city of stars
In the pavement, L.A. smog rises,
Rises around me now, I went with
Her into the crowds, into the hands
That are held, into the plans of
Future, but past was with me,
At last was with me—I ask to
Redact this ordinary life, I ask
For impact, for power, for a shower
Upon me of grace to overcome!
I must die, and dying might happen
Soon! I am barely 30 and barely sturdy
In the city, for it calls my name, chalks
Me dead on the sidewalk, neon clicks
Vacancy in the twilight—I must live
Right and have a life that means
Something—city life speak to me,
For if I can burn in you, then all
Can burn around me—which flame
Will they go, will they choose—
Can I be the mediator of good
News? Change it now, change
The city I live in

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