Extract my view of you
My image of you is never concrete
My devotion obsolete
Now delete that wrong images of you from
This mind, and take up new time inside of this
Place and time again and again,
You are the diamond in my rough,
Shining and spinning in me,
Is Hollywood for me, does she
See me, is Babylon around me,
Building its bricks around the
Choices I make, for the city of
Pleasure, the city of buried treasure,
I am my own gold rush, I am my own
American dream, for ideals they choose
Me, and truth stares at me, yet I will
Wait for the right one to come, the
Right ones to form around me, but
The form is passing and passing
Quickly—the world is passing
Away John did say and to love
And obey and follow the way,
There is no other way,
Concrete vision of you—
Solid ground you build upon,
Many will say did not I do
All the stuff on that day—
I will pick myself up from
The dust, I will repent for
The lust, for the rust I lived
In—dead, you require, so
I need a flame to re fire me
Up—smash what is not
Concrete, what is not
Rocks to build on—for
I want to know you, do
Not cast me away!

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