Looking For A Man

Looking for a man
That will bend, that will
Comprehend his own poverty,
His own depravity, his own lack
Of clarity for the confused male
Is in constant crisis, is in a heist
With himself, he forces his hands
Up, he chooses to not grow up,
The Hollywood disease has infected
Me and the world around me,
The ark can’t save me, for more
Years will I toil on the soil of this
Broken earth, I am a cracked crevice,
A denizen of broken dreams, I am only
Speaking what I see, and I barely can see,
The scroll has come to me,
Has made its priority in me,
It is written over me to be not
Another lonely intention, making
My own invention of pride and
Elation and a crowd’s invitation—
A vain aspiration I will not be,
A man full of love I will be,
I am not dreaming for one
Man to be me, but for the one
True Christ to meet this heist,
Stockholm syndrome to be erased
I am my own captor, I am my own
Savior, he is looking for a man
To lead the earth with Him,

Open up generation me!
Open up the highway of low impact
Come and redact, come and react,
His millennium lives in me,
For it will take 1,000 of me to
Live free, a constant rush to the
Head man loves instead,

Replace pornography
With heaven’s photography,
Eyes have committed and she
Pays the price, thrice fold cursing,
For perversion is undressing the
Innocence and our little sister,
She is spoken for!

I build it, you are looking for a man
Who will listen, who will be your friend,
Who will be your messenger,
How else shall I live?
How else shall I be?
Who else shall I call upon that
Is not me?

I must get it, to learn to
Love, to learn to give,
Make me ready for a
Lifetime of pain and
Mistreatment—for in it
I will take it, the hits that
Forge love in the deepest
Places, do justly, let me see
The man Christ Jesus, let
Me live for you, when you
Look for man, look for me!

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