Push It Down

Push it down
The world renown lies
That surround these eyes
Adultery of my sight—get it
Right—its not right,
Eyes must have might,
It begins with man, for
He is the head of women,
The head of man is Christ,
The head of all things is in
My hands, I push it down
The lies of renown, the
Strongholds that have
Been pushed down,
I need your word
To push down in me,
To transform and change
Me—grace for election,
Grace for depression,
Grace for these eyes
And their coveting
Selection—its murder,
She wrote it and made
It plain upon the tablets,
The vision, the plan,
The way to understand—
The soul that sins shall
Die and I write it plain
Again—I will not lie,
Or live with the adultery
Of my eyes

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