Let Me Live

Will you let me live?
Will you let me give?
Give away my brokenness,
My wholeness, my mishaps
And the pain that has shaped
Me—the form of me is passing,
The world around me, that too—
Peace, it has come from trials,
From flames, from games of
Chess and gratitude—for the
Pieces shuffle along the board,
Same destination, same anticipation,
Different participation—the axes of
The earth will bring in the new birth—
Access, however, access now, access to
You has come upon me—will you let me
Be, will you let me grow old, will you not
Let me grow cold? For lawless men have
No love in them—and their ears itch,
Their hearts ditch your righteous name,
Now, may I not be like them, may I feel
It within—I need mercy, I beat my chest,
I beat with the best and most righteous,
Let me live God, in truth, in love, as
A man fully grown up

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