Fire Of March

A long story behind this poem, but this is special to me. Let the flame continue.

I see fire,
I see flames,
I see my own pain
Shaking in the wind,
I see you everywhere,
In this town, in the traffic,
In the attic, where I hide you
Are there, I am fearfully fearful
Of the wonderful you have created,
I fought and dug, I did not quit, I did
Not regret the arrows you equipped me
With for hunting for a new life has been the
Hardest part of finding you, I see fire now, fire
All around, for in me is a flame that came this spring
Night, and up it kept me, glory lived in me, fear did possess
Me because I rarely kept the flame alive in me, now it burns
O, how fearfully it burns in me, I am not alone, jealous love is
My home—so make me order, make me peace, make me lacking
So that poverty can have its place in me—keep the flame going, keep
My debts owing not in you anymore—for your death has paid the price,
The price to thrice burn it, thrice earn it, thrice fold is the blessing—Father,
Son and Holy Ghost

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