The Breakdown

You increase
I decrease
I up heave
I dig, I bury
For I will be buried
One day, treasure will
Follow or fail me, was
Love in me, or did love
Not win for me? Am
Nothing, have nothing,
Gain nothing—I am a
Something, a someone,
A change to be made—
The breakdown, your
Death, your crown,
Your resurrection,

Drove to college
For knowledge
Then she found me,
Fireflies and memories,
Vacancy in latency,
I can’t feel you most
Days, I respond slowly,
Neon it blinks, love is
The final fight, love
Is the man I will be,
Break it down now,
Break it down in me,
Kansas dreams streamed

Inside of me and blew up
The banner of love over me—
King of the city, prince in
Training, now I am not
Complaining—the terrain
Has been rough and unknown
But Your breakdown is a life
Of broken, a life of pain, a
Life of choosing when no
One else seems to—save me
Again, love me again, for that
Is the break down for how
To live

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