All My Ideals

Summer is both a literal season I look forward to but is also a metaphor for wanting things to never change. For its always when you go back to school that you wish it wasn’t so. God comes with truth to shatter false expectations of the world He has put us in.

Everything summer came near
Everything I wanted to hear,
You were always near, standing
To adhere, standing to let me start
Bowing—King of Kings change this
Nation, change this situation—all
Are broken and broken men break
Their children—summer was escape,
Cops verse the cape and there was still
An ache, midnight was the sunrise, for
All brights and lights were hidden from me,
Backseat all my friends did sit, judging my
Driving, blaring their sirens, around multiple
Times did we go in circles, now idealism sits
In my chest, for she must be perfect and the
Best for me to invest—last name to claim,
The forecast was shallow and superficial,
For summer never happened twice,
It came, it went, it was gone and now
Smog has taken over, traffic has piled up
On me now, dotted lines I do cross, I
Do invest—are all ideals not the best—
Truth can it change, O, man is alone in
The garden, searching for you, waiting for
You to come—I heard it said, the lion is
Not dead, He is alive and roaring inside
My dead bones, inside of my boredom,
I am not fascinated til the point of death,
I am not captivated by Holy things just yet,
Let me live God, let me live much longer,
Let me not grow cold in getting old,
Give me gold, give me silver, give me
Just a sliver of glory—live past my
Endless summers and what they do
To me—give me fireworks daily,
For I am not alone, and man cannot
Live by ideals alone—white fences
And perfect cut front yards, one boy,
One girl, two dogs and satellite tv,
Save me, O, God, save us from idealism,
From holding onto lonely rules and
Expectations—happiness comes from
Death to self and love of poverty,
Summer please come, but don’t
Keep me numb to change—truth
Destroys ideals—a man I will be,
If I follow hard after you

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