Taught me, taught it then,
Will you remember again?
Law was given, Moses crossed
Over the dead sea, crossed over
Into eternity—passed it down,
The law, the sound, the shadow
Of passing sins to the next generation—
The soul that sins shall die, shall it
Be heard in this land—the father is
Like the son, the son bears not the
Father anymore, Elijah called down
Fire, played with the sun, the moon,
The Gods to bow to him soon, new
Covenant says it best, love is the final
Test—dads, where are you? Dads, where
Are your sons? Where is the man to teach
Me? Where is the man to reach me? Where
Are those I will lead? Will love find everyone,
Tracked me down, track it down, teach it
Now, God is universal, is the great reversal,
Is hidden in the strands of space and time—
Is near me in the hallways, the hallways of
Mental escapes and mental charades,
The voices that they hear, who does hear
Them, who does sit with them? The lesser
Parts they seem to weigh us down, it would
Be easier to never leave the walls of comfort,
Of the pews, of the very few that walk on the
Hard path, that feel the wrath, feel their poverty—
I am now waiting, waiting to learn how to love,
How to do it right, now to live in sight of the
One burning for me—the throne room calls
To me, come up here, come up now! Please, God,
Let me believe when I can’t see—now is the
Time, now is the time for us to rise—the Fathers
They need to rise, the men need to come out of
Hiding—lead the earth, lead the women, lead
Them into truth and love, uplift them, Eve, she
Bit into it, Adam stared in silence, forever he
Will take the hit, take the blame, Christ did the
Same, no sin in Him, He took the hits, was the
Greatest man to ever live—generation me,
Generation fatherless, rise and let God father

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