Love’s Pursuit

Love, love is chasing me,
To the depths of the sea,
To the uttermost parts of
Darkness—fearful I am of what
I cannot be—for you have
Molded me into the man I am,
And the man I will be—deep,
Calls to deep, the siren blares,
Barren it stares, down the stairs
I stepped real slow, for getting high
Means getting low—bow down all
You stars, the moon and the sun and
All that has begun—time has stretched
To me—I am inside of it, I am earning it—
Each minute, each second, each day
Counts and recounts me—love is inside
But living it is hard, is far from easy—
Palm trees breezy now puts me at
Ease—the freeway disease eats
Away at me, 9 to 5 man goes and
Thinks not that he walks the same
Dotted lines each day—living single
File Jon Foreman would say—the
Machines of hate work in unison,
We are the denizen of sin and sin’s
Disease—love me God and let that
Love live in me—for there has never
Been a man more alive then you,
More alive then us made in your image

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