Planes, God, Planes

I flew into the city,
Fled early, jet way was
A runaway, bags packed,
My Samsonite locked real tight,
All my secret things, they belong
To me, my tragedy is yours and
Yours to poise and pose for,
Throne was established over
My misunderstanding—fools,
Tonight is the night to get it right,
To chalk it out in the skyline,
Judgment day is near,
All my works laid bare,
All my evil in the snare
And the trap of Holy and
True—He cannot lie and I
Won’t lie for me—planes I
Fly in, planes I travel in,
Planes she lives in—wings,
Fuselage, the cabin pressure
Building now, I live in the airport
Of trying to get away from you,
Pain of dark days, Nineveh keeps
Me going, for left from right they
Cannot decide, but I hide and abide
Not in your words—catch me now
God, catch me away from you—
For the depths cannot hide from
You—dark hides when you appear—
These eyes and their crimes—I am
Looking and been looking all my life-
Looking for love and beautiful things—
Its been close, all my dreams, but the
Closer to you—that is the dream—
You are the reality, you are the getaway,
Mercy is near, does the world hear?
Hell burns hot with those who chose
Not—to live for you, to live with you—
Sin has to burn, the sacrifice was thrice
In the grave and now resurrection—
I fly, I run, I lie, I speak, I bow, I utter
Nothing, I utter need and hunger and
Thirst—the dearth of this earth has
Been burying beneath me—planes
Are the closest thing to you—find
Me on the run, find me traveling around
Your globe—all so I can see you
Wherever I go

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