Axes And Access

Axes spin,
Access is within,
Blood spilled and I am
Drawn near,
Messiah came, and down He went,
Into the grave, mighty to save,
Death was conquered on that
Glorious day—the chemicals they
Spin in me—for dark and death
Have sunk in deep,
The urn I earn and yearn for it,
For to be present with you Lord,
I desire—but far it be from me,
For I will deny you when pressure
Comes—I pray Holy one, what will
I then become—the axes of the earth
Are in position, I make supplication,
I make my presentation—access is
Needed for I am not worthy to enter—
Give me access to you, to sit, to hear,
To be with you—close and in love with
Jesus—showing us who you are—
I love my darkness God and in it
You are near—axes of the earth
Are hinged upon you, your light that
Shines the axes out of place—access
Now from the nail pierced hands,
Access to you is granted—draw
Us near, o, faithful and merciful
High priest!

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