Capacities change,
The wineskins have shifted
The revival has drifted away,
Does falling back, falling down,
Falling all around become the sign
And the sure-fire proof—O, God is
Here, God is near! I do not doubt,
I am clay, I am foldable, I am knowable,
He is not, He is the rock, He does not move,
Does not change—He is enthroned at the flood!
Now I am flooded again with mercy again, how
I need it, how I seek to know it!
Capacity is a mystery, but mystery is
A necessity—now we wait for the flood
Again, for the flood of Noah to be seen
In theatres , for man to question its
Existence—Can God show up anywhere?
To those that don’t hear, don’t fear, don’t
Even care? Just want two hours to spare
And walk away unchanged?

Change now the capacity
The capacity for you—
For I am stretched daily,
Pressing and addressing
My own lack, my own poverty,
My own need for clarity—flood
Us with revelation, with deeper
Things, for we hunger and we thirst—
The we is not just me—I stand in the
Gap for this generation—for the dress
Code to change—for us the appear
Righteous in your name—for the
Capacity to love, has that increased
Before we are deceased—appointed
Once, then death, then judgment, then
Eternal dwelling places—burning or
Worshipping—capacity, o, capacity—
Increase for Him!

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