Faces, they pile up,
They are lined up on
The cement, the pavement
Was payment, for solid things
Stand under me when I walk,
They are in a circle, those that
Meet come Monday, come morning,
Come sunrise, come surprise to the
Mundane—I thought of you in the
Rain, in the mundane of living daily—
Now its unclear where I stand, I just
Want to stand next to you—the pictures
Of man they click in unison, sin is the denizen,
The den of living dead—are they so far that you
Can’t save them?

Faces, they pile up,
They are lined up all
Around me, all in gravity,
All for a cavity—I work hard
Daily to avoid them, for I rarely
Embrace broken, I rarely embrace
Weak and dishonorable, for the parts,
All of them—in the body—call to me,
Need mending, need fixing, Son of man
Came to gather the shatter in me, in
Those around me—now I am waiting
For change, waiting for the exchange,
All my pain for the gain of love and the
Entrance into the kingdom—blind and
Nearsighted, lacking I don’t want to be,
Starbucks fills me daily, the faces they
Look at me, these green eyes burn bright,
They keep me up at night—their faces
Stay with me, forging this memory,
Sign the signature of your approval
Before the great renewal, before
The great removal—evil and death
To no longer take its stand—save
The faces, for they valley shines a
Decision to be made—save me God
And save all the faces around me!

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