I See Fire

I see the fire,
I feel the flame of my
Desire, upon my face it burns,
Lit up is the get up, cigarette flip
In the silhouette of shame, in the
Shadow of the lame, withered hand
Is reaching out, blind man is asking
For trees and for light and images of
Right—I see the lame walking, I see
The charismatic dying to himself—
For the Spirit is here, freedom, is that
Earned? Is it living in me, yet today—
Inner heal me, deliver me, but don’t
Stay with me, don’t be with me daily—
I just want out, I want a fix, I want this
Cycle to stop and the dark to leave—and
Shall the wheat grow with the tear, shall
I only succeed in church and the steeple
And the people that love me easily?

Does my testimony require dark and hard,
And unknown things—causing me to trust
And combust and face my lust—the flesh,
The eyes, each sunrise a new seeking taking
Place—for daily the fire must burn, burn around
Me and burn away the light of day—the dark of
The dawn that lives in me—I choose you God,
I choose the hard way, I love deliverance, I
Love demons fleeing but let me know you—
Let me love you, let me succeed at being
Weak and you being strong—let it be a word
From heaven—that death is apart of this fallen
Tragedy of a story called humanity—let us have
Hope in you God, give us a new fire, one that
Requires meeting with you

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