The Night

The night takes me
The night escapes me,
Nature roars its colors over me,
Beauty is an inward thing, a gentle
And quiet flame that names it best
Intentions upon me, all seeking for
Approval, there will be a great removal—
Dark and light colliding, all the world
Crashing down, all the world turning
And spinning like the stars in the clouds,
Like the brightest things to proclaim,

The night sketches its outline, to the sky,
To the exits, to the rows and rows of
Nobody knows, the planes disappear in
The night, islands shift and displace inside
Of me, I am the receded scroll to be read,
I am on the move, I am walking dead—
I am chasing my own zombie, culture
Raves over breaking bad, over the
Mysteries of darkness caving in around
All of us—we are no longer of the night,
Of the drunkenness, provisions come
And provisions go, but this flesh and
Bone will soon fade away

Drive me to you, drive me in the night,
When I sleep, when I rest I put my dreams
To the test—will you appear in them, in
There? Will pleasure in you take a hold of
Me—will the words of life burn in me—
For I know all things already, for you live
In me and transform my dark nights to
Light—creature of the night, staying up
Late to not miss you—call me back, God,
Face time with me—I am not satisfied with
Where I am in this life—there is more of
You, and it starts with my rest in you at night

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