The Way You Dress

This is an echo of the post I just wrote on the body. I saw some teenage girls dressed very scandalously, and it grieved me deeply that young women have no clue what they are doing when it comes to their image. Christ is needed. Fathers are needed to guide in love and truth. This is a prayer out of a righteous desire to love women as if they are my own sister. God cares deeply about you. Dress as if He is the only one watching.

Generation wearing thin,
Wearing it tight, wearing it
Right in front of the world
Around you—your image is
Important, your image has
Been contorted and lessened
By man’s sin, man’s desire to
Not desire you—perverse has
Conversed with you, got you
To walk lower than you are—
You have the scar, girl whoever
You are—American teenager,
American dream chaser—
Hearts bleed and drip with
His mercy—can you come
Into it, the light and what
Is fitting for you—put on Christ,
Put down the microphone of
Wanting to be known by
The people around you—
You live, you give, you
Starve yourself so you
Can be known, so you
Can be shown true beauty—
There is a man, He is looking
For you, looking for the way
You dress, for the things you
Caress and hold near you—
His secrets He will share,
Your broken beauty dream
He will mend and put back
Together—your father ache—
He makes no mistake—never
Will He leave you again—
Broken, shattered, wearing
Like all doesn’t matter—
What you wear and how
You dress matters under
Duress, under emergency,
Under the urgency of growing
Old—if you don’t see now,
You might never see again—
Don’t be blind, be sure of
His mercy to dress you up
In righteousness, holiness,
There is no one more beautiful
Than Him,

Take a look again
At the way you dress,
Its just a vapor this
Hyped up city life,
With high heels and
Unknown dreams—
Its all gonna pass,
Gonna burn, gonna
Put you in an urn—
And your ashes
To beauty—He desires
Those of you that
Need to read this,
Hear this: find your
Life in Christ, there is
No other way to live—
Your beauty is from Him

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