Two Streams

Bitter is mixed in because I am mixed in
Grave sin has me in,
I am filled again,
Filled with Satan?
Filled with lies?
Full of violence?
No, one does good,
Not even one, shall I
Change again and again
To only sin again, have
I tasted mercy, for which
I am thirsty, am hungry,
Judge me now before the time
Is near, before your judgment we
Hear—can we be a people without
Mixture in whom you take pleasure?
My soul has no pleasure in the death
Of the wicked—and If I draw back
Now, you reject it somehow, for
I will not be the vomit on the white
Robe you put around me—I will burn
I will earn it God, love in the deepest
Places—I will not regret this life I
Live-I will dig deep, I will the thorns
For those were stuck into your head
The thoughts you embraced for me—
The temptation—2 steams cannot
Exist in me—love of God or love
Of mammon, I need a famine, a
Pestilence, a locust eating fest—
Destroy death before judgment
Comes and I burn with the rest—
Do not scorch us God, find us
With mercy—with the streams
Of fire that come from you

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