Clicks Away

It calls to me,
The vision of the celebrity,
Nineveh is buried under every
Jonah that needs a great hallowing,
A great swallowing, a great misunderstanding—
Is God still good? Does God satisfy?
Now its real clear,

Nothing is clear, there is a voice
I need to hear—I am on your shores
God, I am calling Babylon, telling her
To come on, to come home, she is just
A few clicks away, the sway, o, how heavy
It is! Juxtapose and superimpose me—
My tragedy is empty memories—is
Single a curse, for if it is then I am
Breaking down what passes on,
What passes down to me, all from
Daddy, all from father, his life has
Been passed to me, for my genes
Are in these jeans and I walk with a
Limp, for what kind of man am I
Anyway? I am on the search, looking
For a church, looking for someone
To take the lonely away—looking for
Alone to no longer be a home—dress
Me up with you God, for I am a rock,
I am solid, I am building my house
No longer around clicks and visits
And visitations that leave endless
Stains of pain and shame—can’t
Click it anymore that thing that
Says satisfy, that is a lie, that is
A broken, very broken cistern,
Slivers, cisterns, sisters, awakening
Love don’t let it happen so easily to
Serve me and myself and my love
Story—it calls, it clicks, it can no
Longer be starved out with a shout—
I am in your grave, raise me up
To live without shame

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