Freeway Fear

The freeway is crazy
The road is hazy,
The palm trees breezy,
Nothing is easy, the price
Of pain hangs around my
Neck, the true and tried
Way of going His way
Has locked eyes upon me,
Fire is there, fire is here,
I bent down low, real low
Upon the red carpet, the
Golden stains of the celebrity
Walked there, their smiles
Were worthwhile but not
Worth mentioning again,
Everyone thanks God but
Who knows him?
The people of the city call
To me, they are a freeway
People, they are driven by
Their unsatisfaction,
They are a people of
Reaction—freedom is
Far from them—but
The city is where they
Belong, for they crave
Safety, they crave it
Deeply a little less
Lonely dreams, lonely
Things, secrets rearrange
The deepest parts of man—
The freeway breaks and
Apart goes man, taken
Out of the rush, put
In the place of hush
And still—hear Him!
Hear Him now—he
Sees, He hears, He
Knows—come to
Fear the freeway—
For with Him there
Is no getaway

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