Backseat Driver

I am dead in the water
I am led to the Father
For He draws all to
Himself, I am thinking of
Summer things and the heat
Of the Son upon my face—
For His nearness is sweet—
In the backseat my friends
All did sit, trying to revisit
The lost direction in me,
I pulled up the map, the
Map of my soul, I sought
And fought for control—but
Then you came and took a
Hold—getting close, getting
Near, summer fading over
There—spring has come
And winter is gone—the latch
Of my heart, O, how its been a
Feeling of distance, a feeling
Of limping—the water, please
Father let it satisfy me, for I
Don’t believe, I only know of
The lamb, the lamb led to the
Slaughter—dying in me—
Summer season has its
Reasons—its reasons for
Taking a hold of me, for
Heat and pain keeps me
Circling the drain—dust
I can’t earn and in the urn
I will one day go—these ashes
To be resurrected, these
Dreams to be dissected—
This heart to stay invested
In the love around me—backseat
God does sit, letting us drive our
Destinies, choose Him in the process
To love Him is to obey Him

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