My Generation

This young adult land that we live in. The phrase ‘generation me’ is from a book by Jean Twinge, but it echoes true to this day. I am wrestling with my own worship of self and that thing that says, ‘do whatever the culture does, just drift, just do nothing(essentially) with your life.There is purpose in Christ.

I never meant to
Is the motto we follow
My generation, my eighties
Friends, the decade of change,
Under the influence I bring the
Sway of the norm, the most
Popular storm—just drift,
Just shift divisions, just
Trust in empty provisions—
Incarnation, God came near,
Generation Me, do you hear?

You drift and you float,
You gloat and you mope,
You are the highest of
Highest upon the depths
Of depression and the cavity
Of depravity—haunted we live
By many dissatisfactions, sick
It becomes, like a disease, like
An infection, like the intersection
Of good verse best, we settle,
We strive, we try to survive—

Living, abundantly, killing that
Force called happy, called full,
Called life not in a lull, called
Fanatic, called feeling, called
Never acting on that which will
Save you—all our ideals are
Spinning wheels—the freeway
Is giving up the dead bodies,
For no one knows how to
Slow down, how to stop
Destruction, how to end
Their own corruption,
I cannot save you Generation
But I can lead you—lead you
To Him, lead you to burn, again
And again—be still and know—
Get out of just coasting,
Or just drifting,
Men be men
Let us lead and
Love in that

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