Youth Or Not

When I was young,
I was in my own little
World, playing with toys
Blasting Beastie Boys—
Sunglasses on for the world
To look upon—rebel with a cause
An ache and a because, movie
Theater for two, with you I paid
All my change, for a rearrange, for
You and me to sit comfortably,
Was it love then? Was it real then?
Was I just to small to know big things?
Childish to rub off, childish to fade away,
A man to become of me when love takes
Me away—I am the mirror and you are
Dimly—I am the fire, you are the breeze
That seeks to control me, youth has been
Expanding into old age, into been there and
Done that, into a heart shut down by the
Ease of the American dream—for bitter
Can’t run in this heart that bleeds for you—
When I grow old, let my love not grow
Cold—for the sounds of yesterday
Builds my tomorrow—for next week
Is to think to far ahead—I seek you now
While it is called today—I press into
You, youth or not

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