One More Night

Inspired by the Phil Collins of my favorites.

One more night,
Please, just one more night,
Red eyed kind of fairy tale,
Around the world have all
My friends went and been,
City of Rome, city of fire,
City of desire—burning has
Left me in the dust, and to it
I will one day go—death has
Taken over, do not come tonight
Lord, for I am not ready, I am
Not steady, I am all about me—
I have to dig deep down inside
Of myself, and put love on the
Shelf—he yelled, he tore into
Us, he closed the light, said
Yes to the darkness—now
You are in my dreams
You are in the streams
Of desire that surrounds me,
Daily I think of you, all you do,
Where you belong—smog does
Fill me, it fills me to the brim,
City of sin, city of fire within—
One more night I need, one
More night to figure out how
To succeed—one more night
To get rid of the thoughts that
Stick in this brain, that make
A man feel insane—one more
Night, Lord, don’t come tonight—
Come when I have oil, come when
I am ready

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