The Flash

It flashes at me
The world around me,
The lights fade in, the
Dark comes again, it rises
Underneath, in the fingernails
Where I set sail, upon the islands
That shift and the caves men hide in,
The wrath of the lamb
Has come, has made numb,
I have seen what won’t make
It, what will burn, what will not
Last, give me the forecast, I have
Built my life around shadows and
Meadows of pain that chart my terrain
No one can see I want to be a lion, I
Am not roaring from Zion, who can
Hear, who can respond, who can
Sit in His counsel, world flashes,
World dashes, world makes it look
Good to lye with anyone, to rush
It, to live it, to snort it—that high called
Higher than the rest, called better than
The best—the women that make mighty
Men fall, that make then wonder why
They fall—it seduces, the city of sin,
The Babylon that rises, the Nineveh that
Demises—me and my voice, my voice and
Me—cities fall, cities rise, but God remains—
Who will speak? For man is but a flash, but
A rush, but a hush hush—flesh is grass,
Cleanse us at last, let me not miss you like
A flash—stop and set your light upon me

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