Bore It

To Jesus, the only one worthy of it all.

I can’t take it yet,
The pain upon me,
The rejection of me—
Be 22 the song says and
Float, live in the distance,
Head or your heart, be sure
You know yourself from the
Start—I can’t bear the sin,
I can’t look again at my
Generation, generation
Depressed, generation
Suppressed, generation
Of Freudian mishaps and
Fatherless direction,
Back home plays loud,
Sunny California is in
The background of the
Foreground of the dreams
I am living in, when we were
Young it was numb, the sound
Of Hell swimming around me,
Violence in the window, violence
In the shadow, violence like a widow,
Should I remarry? Should I replace
It again—can I love again?

Only one can bear it,
Only one did bear it,
Violence took Him, rested
Upon His frame, claimed
His name—soldiers did mock
And chalk out there disgrace on
His back, He reigns and is coming
Again—shall we scorn Him then
Or will we live for Him? I never
Used to fight for anything, for
The sun never shined on me,
Dark took over and my heart
Was hardened—but now I live,
Now I love, now I do more than
Get by—I give all of me to this
Cause, the justice of love, for
I cannot bear it, I cannot bear
My own pain, I need someone
To train and claim me, to mold
Me a new creation, this is the
Equation: I am dead now,
So live in me somehow,
I need this love so badly
For you did bear it, you
Bore it all for me—so I bear
The load, I bear the hard things,
I bear the difficult road—its thin
And weighing me in—change me
Now, on this road of bearing things

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