Freeway Living

My first wifi hotspot publish. Live at the movie theater.

Freeway calls to me
Obey the street signs,
Obey the yellow lines,
I am white all around
For dotted checkered spaces
I live in, obey the roads,
Wherever they may lead—
The city bleeds freedom,
For underneath the smog
That is the log in my eye—
I am the plank that I walk,
I judge, I talk, do I walk the
Walk? Citified, pornified,
Is a word to describe
Where this world is
In and the sin that carries
It, freeway is a symbol,
A cymbal for getting away,
For the getaway we all want
To live in sometimes,
City, freeway, me and this
Destiny—calls to me, God
Where are you when I
Rest and the freeway
Is second best

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