Bluechair Revolution

O, the weakness and the glory of night and day prayer. I truly experienced the NIGHT part of this sentence. From 2004 to 2008( nearly four years) I prayed nightly with a company of people dedicated to not letting the fire go out. The rarity of night and day prayer(at that time) and even now has become even more widespread in America(some 3,000 houses of prayer in the U.S.). God is moving and wants more prayer to arise and fill the bowls in heaven!

This is a reflection of appreciating the past-which 2008 wasn’t the end of prayer, it continued at IHOP-KC til the end of 2012-but the new place is here in California. The state that has received(probably..I am guessing) more prophetic words of judgment because of its immorality. Well, all I have to say is that now is not the time to talk about it but revival is for everyone, everywhere, at the time in which God releases it. We have a lot of work to do to create a revolution. As Todd White says, “Why don’t you just be the move of God?”

Blue chairs,

Gray floor,

Wanting more,

Not knowing,

Always growing,

Weakness in the making,

Love for the taking,

All the faking thrown

Out, all the pain coming

Out—felt it young, the unsung

Songs I never sang aloud, scarred

And torn since the day I was born—

Says the song that plays real loud,

I see the past, those chairs I sat in

That message I lived in,

Those words that would dig in,

Those endless rebukes—do you

Know who you are? Get rid of the

Scar, speak and seek and reek

Havoc on the wild child inside of

You—it came as a lion could roar,

With a hunger for more,

With blue chairs

And a gray floor—

It was a revolution,

Subtle and meek,

So I could learn to

Speak—lion inside

Wild outside, boys

To the side, time to

Abide in the vine—get

Rid of the wine called

Acceptance—a new row

Of chairs before me, same

Gray floor, different state,

Different plate of struggle

And the feast of greatness

Before you—prepare you,

Prepare me—gray chairs

Are here to stay, but new

Chairs, new things to sit

With, new things to speak

To you with—new people

To impress only to digress

Back into the chairs, where

You are seated with me,

And I am seated with you—

Find me here, in gray chairs,

Waiting for nothing

Ready for a new something—

A new thing, a new blue

And gray for a new day


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