The Same

Kid again,

Young again,

28 strong, 28 long

years of waiting,

backwards letter

effect, rewriting it

with you—with you it

was never the same,

summer’s transition,

winter’s invitation,

to leap again, to rise

again, up there is my

beloved calling my name,

the Song calls me, molds me

death has tried to take me—

I am a miracle today!

I have not faded away!

Death cannot win in me

Life will have the final fight

Love will win and destiny will

Begin—forever with God, see

His face you cannot—see all of

His form, all of us fading away

And everlasting praise to remain—

Now, the fire has not faded,

This hard life has not jaded,

Broken hearts, broken past,

Broken at last is my mind and

My heart—to the start, to

The finish, backwards God,

You do go only to repaint

A new future for me, for

Us, for all who do not

Give up—past is there

In these words, it is there—

But you remain, faithful

And the same

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