Stay This Change

Staying steady
Staying ready
What’s the context?
Where is the wood?
I am the flood of me
You stay still over my own disasters
It was your needle, it was my thread,
I have you like the led
I have my dead things to
Exchange, I am this change
I am this move of God,
I am this rod of my own
Correction, life at the intersection
Life called dissection, surgery
To this perjury, the wood is my
Fame taken to the flame,
All that is good looks like
You and all that carries me
Has left me, I am stains, I am
Talking of dreams with you,
All that we could do,
Stay this change,
I want to exchange
My doubt for a shout
For the ache, the cops verse
The cape, how the dark knight
Rose and only one is risen!
I am the change
So help me live it

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