These Streets

I am trying here so long
Distance in the street, the
Streets I walk to get to you,
One look, one glance, one
Season with You, Lord Jesus,
Come near for I am without you,
City talks to me, city echoes me,
Gospel of peace, gospel in my feet,
The news—spread it—the sick—
Raise it up, for I am your temple,
I am your example, I am foolish and
You confound me, conform me,
I am trying here so long,
Waiting for the fog to lift,
When I sit, when I revisit
You—at your house I always
Did stay, age of three waiting
For change, building legos,
Crew cut to cover these bright
Eyes, you were there when I
Waited alone, when no one
Would call on the phone—
Lonely this world gets,
For the noise hides it,
The horns, the yells,
The wave swells,
Crashing down on me,
City of sin, city of tragedy—
The streets I walk, I don’t
Hear you talk, yet your image
Is all around me, the way she
Looks, the hair, the eyes, the
Daily surprise of men and women
That look like you, I am undone
But I need more Lord, come down
From that mountain and stand
Where we have been, city starts
Today, now I give it away,
All my concerns, all my reservations,
All my applications to turn in,
Come and speak in these streets,
In the noise of the city,
Come near me!

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