Front And Temperature

Two summers ago I was having this sensation of friends changing and seasons changing. I just equated it to driving down a road for a long time and the passengers staying interested in you and how that can be true in life too. What others think will never come close to knowing what God thinks. Here’s the reflection.

Tell me how to read,
How to succeed, still
Breathing, still searching,
Still learning to work it,
That thing called striving
With you, a half hearted heart
Is no good, from the starting line
To the finish, I need the replenishing
Of the offering, the pain and the suffering,
Tell me what to set my eyes upon,
For I love beautiful things, made for
Them I was, the images of you walk
In the mirror, in the rear view mirror
Did they sit, backseat in the middle,
In the center, in my speedometer,
What others think is at the center
Of me—their speed, their reading
Of me, their temperature, it fills me
With wonder, with air, I am shortening
My breath, man has to be second best,
Has to be not the first I think of daily,
Eyes up, eyes upon you, eyes that were
Made to see—true wonder, true mystery,
True to turn in me, to turn in thunder,
To turn in wonder, to know that I
Will love all those in front of me,
Backseat I no longer have to sit,
For Your glory is front and center,
Front and temperature, turn it up,
For jealousy burns hot, you are not
Dead, not distant, not my earthly
Dreams, not far away from the
Way I was made, formed second,
And known first—if I stay alive
Let me not die while I live, while
I walk—backseat temperature,
Change to front and center,
Front and burning, you are
A consuming fire

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