One More Night

Inspired by all those childhood years listening to Phil Collins.

One more night played in
The escalation, played in
The anticipation, I never knew
I was growing til I got older,
Til November changed me,
Another year, another tear,
Another time to tear down,
Another time to build up,
The seasons with you have
Changed me—interstate
On the plate, back and forth
In the city of thin air, I did
Fear the change that would
Be in front of me—grow up,
Own it, be a man, try to understand
Responsibility, always did those
Girls always complain of a man
Never to take their name, their
Hand, to try to die a little bit,
To grow out of it—dad taught
Me not nothing, but seemed
An apparatus behind me,
A shadow to walk in, walls
To cave in—I rise, I walk,
One more night to try to
Get it right, all good things
Keep me awake, I am beating
Here with life, with abundance,
With no more reluctance with
Church and Jesus, found in you,
Found around you, one more
Night before you come back,
Before you judge my lack,
Before forever begins,
Come again, come and do
That childlike thing again,
To be the man you have
Called me to be, to lead the
World in this truth, to do
It is proof that it is real,
Come and steal it, God,
Those evil thoughts of
You, that which is not
You, I say yes again

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