A Million Parts

A million parts,
A million plots,
Five ironed for free,
Concert hall to fill me,
Empty I come, empty I go,
World is cold, world is old,
I am no more bold than I was
Told, I was raised in fear and
Now I hear it, I fear it, I close my
Eyes at night waiting for you to
Tell me it right—right thinking,
Right sided dreams, everything I
Seek for is behind the people I
See, in the images of them that
Haunt me, for around the fellowship
Is the harrowing sound of together, is
The deceptive weather, man is
Warm on the outside, but walks around
Cold and dead and defeated—one more
Night Lord, one more night with blankets
Wrapped around my face, waiting for you
To replace this ache with something at
Stake, for costing something is getting
To me, they can never fill me, but the
Walls I used to live in have failed me
Now, open me Lord, open me up,
For I am clogged up inside, wanting
To hide, tree houses that never came
To me, you who are near to me,
A million plots to get to me,
Knew me before you formed me

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