For You

You gave me the freeway
You gave me the leeway,
She clicks inside of these
Dreams, in perfect unison,
I am a denizen of unhappy, of
Sadness, to far to reach, I walk
Around with arms to the ground,
I curl up on the pavement, I make
The payment—a man is, a man does,
A man is not this messed up—for
I am not going to rest til I rest
In you, til this sadness becomes
The madness away from me—
The earth’s tragedy speaks to
Me, creation’s groan is my
Microphone, for the rocks will
Fall on us, the islands to shift,
My sadness to dismiss, its beyond
Just a girl, or a boy, or anything
Holding tight in sight of your mind,
Your will, your heart was made to
Burn, to love in acceptance, to
Give way to Him, to let down
The resistance, he dressed me
Up, up in righteousness, tied
These skates, one more game,
Dad, one more smile, one more
Dinner meal, one more ticket
To stay together, the freeway
Has taken you and taken me,
Innocence has been dismissed
By the shadows, by the colorless
Meadows, clustered and flustered,
I look for you in the sunset, I look
For a reset, a new start, a sunset
With you—a new look, a new groan,
Pain come and stay with me,
For one day I will rise on empty,
Raise me God, for these words
Are for you

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