Rusted Out

O fallen man, how we need your mercy!

Break me
Mold me
Shake me
Stake me
Knife me
With truth,
With endless proof,
Nails in those hands,
Dead to the commands,
Vinegar in the minerals,
Vinegar in me,
Bitter in me,
Salt in me,
It runs, it bleeds,
It succeeds, loving you
Isn’t easy, when my enemies
Follow me, deliver me,
Cast it out of me! That thing
Called sour, called devour,
Called bitter, called unforgiven,
Called an enemy of God,
If all die then you are just,
If we all perish, it is our rust,
Our lust, our perversion,
The ark I need, for only eight
Made it, a new beginning for
Violent defiant man, but division
Speaks and seeks me—all that is
Fallen is not falling off, it is within
Me, what comes out defiles anyway,
This heart is guarded for she whispers
And seduces, bigger and better, tighter
And stronger, beauty is in the eye of
The deceiver—serpent speaks, serpent
Trips us up, for truth is far, truth is a
Faded scar, indelible is the purity of
You, the cleansing of you, for I have
Chosen dark, chosen no spark, chosen
To burn in my own passions, my own
Desires, my own inflamed ambitions—
Kill it or kill me with it—to whom who
Knows to do good and does not do
It, to him it is sin—for I won’t receive
The stripes, or the punishment but If
I stay in the grave, please, show mercy
Do not leave me there!

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