Skates And Darkness

(Me, Mike, Reid and Benji(and Mark-the other Kneeon Tiger)

For the past two months we have been playing inline hockey on Thursday nights. All four of us(Team Kneeon Tiger) have only played one other time together. Tonight was our second time. Hockey brings up so many thoughts of joy and gratitude. I played ice hockey for six years straight from 10-16 and back in 2008 I got back into it in Kansas City. Here I am in 2014 still playing. We got to pray for this guy named Mo tonight. Its amazing to be a light in a dark place. Here’s a reflection on it. I am honoring my mom as well who is the ultimate evangelistic example. She uses her job daily to preach the Gospel. Also dedicated to my dad for all those wonderful years of playing.

The skates make me,
Have made me,
Continue to make me,
Grace saves me, continues
To save me, death buries me,
Stays with me, this body carries
About your fragrance, carries about
You, all good things drift past me,
Drift away, I can’t taste anything but
You, I skate it off, this world on wheels,
This world on heels, she skips through
The galley, she daily does rally, the Gospel
On her feet, the Gospel to greet, the clean
And the neat and the dark things that you
Love to chase and pursue, I tie the skates,
And tie them tight, I am grateful that I can
See light at night, that the shadow no longer
Lives around me, these eyes shine bright,
And light up with Holy, light up with True,
Light up with you—I see what won’t get
Me there, so I daily bear it, that thing called
Death, called a battle, called all that can rattle,
All that can make me a man—Christ alone,
I do stand in, skates and you, they guide me
Daily, for what I love you live in it, you stay
In it, disciple of the nations, the nations to
Teach, the nations to reach, just these skates
Is what I have now, for the dark is louder now,
Taking up more space then I can only imagine,
But one thing is true, the Gospel on heels, she
Taught it well—preached it on the airplane,
Left it on the jetway, where the world runs
From pain, there is the glorious terrain of
The world out there, that clicks and persists,
That lives on the freeway, that lives stuck
In traffic, that blasts that thing called
Distraction, called endless satisfaction,
Called lonely nights lying next to one’s
That don’t have it in them—to give love,
To give mercy, to give them what is
Called thirsty—hunger and poverty,
That is the diagnosis, for in it the world
Will see the joy that is unseen

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