Love In

In the cold, in the old sound of
Downtown, in the smoke of your
Cigarette, in the sound of the tar,
In the cigar you always did borrow,
In the old fashioned sound of our
Getaway, on the eve before Easter,
I was never sure, I was never right in
The head, I lived ahead of myself, always
Wondering what the future would be,
Would make of us, would make of the
Sunset, for all good things seem to fade
Anyway, I had you then, when I was young,
When I was my own hero of the story, I waited,
I anticipated, 17 was a clean sound, a clean strand
Of good-byes, spring nights on the edge of your
Driveway, dashboard in the distance, love in the
Resistance, a million little parts all out of place,
A life not in the secret place, snow mounting high,
Rocky mountains in the background, in the foreground,
In the shallow sound of hello and never again, in the cold
I still am, its just inside now, for a heart that burns can
Earn something new from you, can earn something to renew,
To redo, to reward with—your secrets they misplace me,
The smoke falls away, to the side, to the place called abide,
Lonely then to apprehend this chest, for love is the final
Fight, love is the cure to being unsure, I thought I loved,
I thought it left, it stung me then, it doesn’t sting now,
I am glad I was lost, and now I stay found, stay found in
You, stay found in what you do to me, the way you look
At me—secrets hold now, they stay deep down, deep down
Inside of me, death dies a million plots, a million tries,
Resurrection now fades at the intersection—the freeway
Takes me, takes me daily, but your love is not just Easter
Sunday, its everyday, it’s the way you want me to live—
I remember the past but I embrace you at last

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