Once A Year

It deserves a whole post but once a year to church is not the fullness of what God wants. It is good that people show up on Easter. It is better then not showing up. But the attitude of the heart that allows a person to justify once a year as a relationship with God, this is a war zone. The war zone is that God desires not a dull heart. He wants nearness. He wants the other 364 days of the year, as well as Easter Sunday.

Set free indeed,
Once a bad deed,
Now I succeed,
Now I bleed the color
Of mercy, red and blue,
Black and bruised, buried
With you, dead to sin and alive
With you—this day all do remember
Not just the benefit of December and
The gifts around the tree but the blood
That didn’t cost free, that abounds for
Me to stay in, in the kingdom and in
The echoes of the shadow that follows me,
The instability that sits in me, a crown of
Thorns on His head, He embraced these
Thoughts I have, He bore it so I could cross
Over with Him, dreams keep me awake,
Dreaming of the future and all that it holds
For me, a decade under the influence, now
Another ten to go to get to you, to stay burning
For you—once a year, do any fear? Do any hear?
God is near you and upon your lips—God is inside
Of us and waiting to come out—if you just show up
With a suit and a tie and a little white lie that it is
Good enough, it will suffice, think twice and thrice
Fold of why you exist and why 364 days of the year
You are alive and breathing, alive and succeeding,
Blood went bleeding not for just one day out of the
Year, you are here and that is better than staying
At home, but come home to Christ, to Christ alone

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