Future Escape

This is coming from really being in a hospital for a long period of time. And finding God in that place. And I am also listening to ‘Take Me Home’ from Phil Collins.

Future on the curb,
Future in the sun,
Future in the fun,
Settled down, settled
In, settled it within,
The flame again, on
The run again, bags packed
By the door, love a chore,
Love a hollow name around me,
The devil is a beveled shadow around
Me, all is war, all is warfare, all is
Against me
The future a force I cannot see,
On the curb, under the sun, in the
Shade had it made—what will we
Do when we press redo, when we
Press renew, when we break from this
Place, for the bars were all in place, the
Chains around our feet, the nametags to
Take with us, the institution to make a
New invention of me, I was once a patient
Now I am patient with myself, the world
Echoes their diagnosis and runs the
Diagnostic on me—I am a shallow man
Driven by fear, but night comes suddenly
I sleep through the thunder, through the
Lightning, its light can’t keep me awake,
I am always asleep when we talk about
Home, take me, take me home doctor,
Nurse, you with a purse, with the
Makeup you carry in it—I see,
I live, I walk the hallway, I lead,
I give, I tell the story real well,
My destiny is in these hallways
Where dark and light collide, where
Fists fly, where the world seems to
Be easier than it was before—get me
Out, get me home, get me on my way—
For I am ready to stay still, to stay trapped
In yesterday, in yesteryear, in all that
A man could fear—Christ alone lives in
My seasons, daily with me, walking with me—
He is in the hallway, in the doorway, in the
Sign wrapped around me neck: out of order,
Come back again, come and live in me again,
Don’t stay locked up, don’t stay chained down,
For life is out there, taste and see it,
Fear it and embrace it—joy in the suffering,
For light lives in you and me

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