Jaded by your half shirts
Your half jeans, your half sister
Your half that spreads to the other
Half of me, half of whole is what
You control, half of me cannot
Succeed, the streets, the noise,
The poise, the elevated train
Station in the sky, clouds rise
And I surprise myself—I put half
On the shelf, I put half hearted
Down the drain and choose
Pure in the brain—dopamine,
Anti history in me, drugs don’t
Do much for me anymore—paid
It back then, evil and its other
Half they did run circles around me,
For never was there a second of
Rest, was there a vest to protect
Me, was there a demon to absorb
Me—shall I walk in darkness any
Longer, shall I walk under the
Law that has forged its cement
Inside of me—the world will
Pass, its form is indeed fading,
The grass will wither and burn
Up and heat up all around me—
Let my other half called Holy
And True and love for you burn
A new renew, burn another redo
Come and rest in the half of me
That is surrendered to You

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