The Battle

Everyday is a battle
You at the center, the
Colors, the waves, the
Soul that saves, winning
Them is wise, beating the
Sunrise, demanding surprise
At every turn, at every corner,
At every angle, you build and
Gather all around me, summer
Was never enough, never enough
To fully know you, never enough
To be with You, the presence I
Long for, covered up with longing,
I skip and walk upon the waves you
Have created, waiting for a little less
Lonely, a little less homely, a little less
Of a builder I have become, work, labor,
Strive, slave away, this world has to be
Built up and destroyed upon by me,
By man, by woman, everyday is the battle,
Is the line I draw in the sand, turning to you
Begins with me and all I can do to get to you,
Beauty and love they hide inside of me,
Waiting to come out, waiting to be searched
Out upon, waiting to be walked upon,
I wait, O, God, I wait with no feelings,
With my head to the ceiling, with your
Hand upon the door, where you turn it,
Where you burn it—where you pour into
Me when I endure, when I suffer, when I
Offer all my weakness—this lovely battle
Where death do us part, where love is
Real from the start—I give it to you, God,
Those I love, those I don’t, those that won’t
Receive me on my best days—every angle,
In every building, in every freeway, you have
Given all of yourself to me

2 thoughts on “The Battle

  1. jameskolt85

    I really, really like this poem! you should check out my blog i write a lot of similar stuff!

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