Chased The Sunset(Miss You friends)

Chased the sunset
Pressed reset
Dawn is fading
A new day is coming
Where is Eric, where is the
Attic? To hide in, to bury in,
To stay cold in,
Sun is fading, pacific
Time is burning like
A crime, to the east
Were all my dreams,
Stuck in a time machine
Called radical, called racial,
Called no sabbatical, called
Processed food, preacher
Would preach it, then I
Would hear it,
I miss it,
Those night with you,
Those night with us,
Around in circles of
Burger King late at night,
Up way past midnight,
Now we seem to all be
Alone somehow, and someway
I lean into Him for this to
Fade away,
Our love not united,
The song divided,
Miss it in the dark,
Call for it in the light,
Go to bed at night,
Wishing light would
Cover me and hover over

Alone it feels,
Living without wheels,
Bus pass to outlast
The poverty around me,
Am I just rich in love and
All that is mercy living in me?
City life is lined up around me,
Who has friends?
Who has companions?
All mine are not gone but
Just in different places—
The coast to coast song
To be sung, risen one,
Risen Son
Who has someone?
Who has a partner?
Who has calligraphy to
Give to me, sketched and
Scribbled on my favorite
Piece of paper,
Deliver us, O, God from
Going at it alone,
Bring Godly people into
Our lives, that can walk
With us through the trials
Of this life—grateful for
Those who have been
There for me

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