Dotted Yellow

Borrowing some lines from the song ‘Back To The Beginning Again.’ The idea that life is mundane but God is here. Also, some reflection on time with mental struggles.

Dotted yellow,
Dotted red,
Son that bled,
Died and rose again,
The crevice of the cracks
Upon the foundation I have
Laid upon, have built on,
I waited patiently as a patient,
Left when the sun was up,
Heated the coffee cup,
Burned myself awake,
With news of my mistake,
I live with an ache, can’t anyone
See that? The cops chased him around
The city, the black caped crusader,
He said He rose and dug himself out of
The pit, but I am not sure he is risen,
There is only one dot I follow, one
Traffic line I ride in, where the wind
Blows against the current, where we
Say yes to the pain, the pain and the
Offering—I paced those halls, I
Lived in those jeans, I lived unclean
In a world of slime and dirt and
Perverted messages downloaded
Inside of my brain—I cannot look
At them the same, violence holds its
Gun at me, death shall try to take
Me, take this generation, take the
Suicide bombers that live in me,
For yes to self is God on the shelf,
Yes to control is God not inside,
But God outside, anytime I reach
For myself and paint the dots
Myself, and sketch out my destiny
And live it with harmony—anytime
I live dotted yellow for myself,
Riding the freeway for my own
Selfish reasons—I ride against you,
If not with then against,
I will not ride against you,
Life in the mental,
Life like a rental,
Life gonna turn over to
Forever real soon,
Yellow is caution,
The devil is the abortion,
Killing like dots upon a line,
We are all yellow sometimes,
Afraid and cowardly, we shall
Face the demons, face the giants,
For I have the sword now,
I have found it somehow,
Yellow is no longer the
Color I live in, for burning is
The new color around me—
Dotted flames, dotted yes
To you

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