In The Air

For years and years I have listened to Phil Collins sing ‘I can feel it coming in the air tonight.’ There are many theories to what the song is really about. I was thinking that there is something in the air. The invasion is coming. Jesus is coming back to the earth. Can you feel that?

Its in the air,
Its in the chorus line,
Its in the invention stand,
Its in the factory line called man,
Its in the atmosphere, struggle is
A principle, a principality, a long winded
Darkened glass bleeding reality, cuts
And scrapes, scars and bruises, skates
And shoes, animals caged within, cold
Blooded man goes not knowing his own
Toes—where he walks but what he walks
In—destruction is when you believe, and
Belief is your reality—cavity carved out
Of me, called seniority, older now, wiser
A little bit more, waiting is in the air, in
The air tonight

An early departure, God’s sovereign signature,
Death certificate out, shadows and hollow sounds,
Echoes in the caves of pain, the caves of
Depression, this generation is dying suddenly
From not so sudden sadness, it remains,
It creeps, it crawls, it sprawls around us
My eyes are like glass, like glass broken,
Dimly is the mirror called glory, and from
It I walk, risen is not the black caped crusader,
Or darth vadar controlling time and space,
Off comes the helmet from every great
Emperor, power is sucked out of the best
Parts of humanity, but in the air there is
Something coming, something humming
Me to sleep, man rises, man builds, man
Guilds himself in, guilt’s it in,

If you want to rule and reign
You got to go through the pain,
The light to come from the shadow
That follows you, she broke you,
He broke you, they all forsook you,
Rejection is in the intersection,
Left and right end up in the light
Wherever we go there He will be,
Love is as necessary as mystery—
Black is white, truth cannot carry
Without the Spirit to bury, to bury
Me in death to sin and all that burns
Within—its never been this long,
But never this wrong,
I don’t wait for great things to find
Me, for Hollywood to discover me,
For the drugs to rule me,
All I know is that its in front of me,
Its in the air, in the air tonight—
Getting it, keeping it,
Holding it within until that
Day comes—earth will be black
And out of whack, sun and blood
And the four moons to come,
The world might end before
Morning comes, but take me in
My sleep or in the ash heap from
The Russian sun, it has begun,
Its in the air, a King coming to
Reign, coming in the air, coming

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