College Drive(older poem)

Reposting this. I like this.

The College Drive
I have chosen to major on the minor issues
I have set out on highway 5 to drive to the
Lowest locations of situations where commas
And prepositions put me in situations of toning
It down, major on what is needed meanwhile
I bleeded it down, I melted my own system of
All the reasons for staying up too late, my headlights
Broke in the process of running away from myself
I broke and cracked in class, burned that number two
Pencil and had it scribbled on bathroom walls how I
Would never fail again yet that was fate, my weapon,
This college drive made me a better man
I saw what it would be like to live that
Way, uplifted and seated as high as my
Professors but that’s not the lesser that’s
The greater, to be better teachers who has
Been taught to use commas wrongly I am
A man unworthy to learn a single thing
Yet He holds me with exchange and
Greets me with a gold ring, I don’t
Care if you go to college I care about
How to love the major you are in
And that is Him, he is the major issue
He is love and that test I hope I pass

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