Go And Do

Go and do
Make and change,
Sit and rearrange,
Priority is you,
All that you show me,
Make it, don’t fake it,
Disciple the nations,
All of them together,
Through the people
He has chosen, through
The weakness he has
Exercised in us, the inward
Hope, the inward call, the
Outward fall, a time to tear
Down, a time to build up,
Test my foundation, all that
Can be shaken will be shaken,
Go and have, go and possess the
Land, go and shake His hand, at
The right Christ was placed forever
To pray, to intercede for all of me,
For all of us collectively,
For us to resist this fallen
Depravity, and let Him fill
Us with fullness—go and
Do! Make and don’t mistake
It—be the message you are
Trying to preach

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