Like The Sun

Sunset in front of me,
Train tracks behind me,
On the tracks man lacks
His best wisdom, stay put
And don’t run against the wind,
But embrace faces of the future
And the forces that capture,
A house I have been building inside
Of me, does it have your gravity,
Your conformity, your priority
Of me, like the sun, like the colors
Undone, like the sound of good-bye
That hurts my why, hurts my escape,
On the curb I sat, into the night, with
Smoke to inhale, with my love for sale,
With the way it happened on the beach,
When I wasn’t good enough for the
Reach, for the impression, the sun
Was black then, five years later I am
Loving, no longer giving the deep things
Of me away to anyone who asks for it,
Cover me Lord, like the sunset, let
All my dark things fade away, let
The sound of the train tracks beat
Me at last, I won’t stay calm until
You come, until the sun fades
And the Son appears, like the morning
Dawn, I spread out my hands for you

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